How Carpet Is Made.

Carpet, has been around ever since the Middle Eastern tribes placed it down into their huts. They first did this around two thousand five hundred years ago. These days, in the United States alone, there are well over one billion square feet of Carpet, being produced every year. In this article, we will have a brief look at how Carpet, is made. We will also look at the process of how it is made.

Carpet, is first made out of a few loose strands of fibers. These fibers are known as staples. It is these staples which are placed into a hopper. Whilst the staples are in the hopper, they begin to heat up. Once they have been heated, they will then turn into slivers. It is these slivers which are then made into a long spool of fiber. After this has been done, the process for making carpet will take place.

These days, most Carpet, will be woven into closed loops. If not, it will be tufted. This process first began in Dalton, GA. It is here where Carpet, making first came about. Dalton, GA became the hub of Carpet, making from around the turn of the last century.

The process for making carpet is as follows:

A needle will be used to push all of the Carpet, fibers together. These fibers will get pushed underneath a piece of fabric. This fabric is named carpet backing. A hook, otherwise known as a looper will then hold all of the fibers into place. It will do this whilst the needle goes back down into the carpets backing. As a result of this a loop will have been created.

Whilst this would have been repetitive in the olden days, these days, the machines will be used to measure the Carpet, to around 12 feet wide. They will then use eight hundred to one thousand two hundred needles which will make Carpet as steadily and quickly as possible.

If the Carpet, needs to be tufted, then the process will finish here. If Carpet, needs to be cut, then the tufted carpet will require a looper to hold the individual strands together in order to be pulled over with sharp knives. This process will cut the loop into it’s individual strands. It is these strands that then create a cut pile carpet.

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