History of Glass

The history of glass dates back to 3500 BC where glass was first discovered in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt. The naturally occurring volcanic obsidian glass was used during the stone age to make the first products of glass. These products included beads, arrowheads and amulets. It is unclear who invented glass as some theory suggest the invention was accidentally done by some merchants in Syria.

Glass is made out of sand or silica, sodium carbonate, lime and other additives. Although the process of glass making was first discovered in the stone age, it has developed over the years to enable production of better glasses. Other ingredients can be added in the making of glass to strengthen the glass and make it more appealing.

Glass has several uses in the modern world. These include:


-Fibre optic cables

Renewable energy sources like solar panels

-Medical technology

-Interior design and furniture

-Automotive and


Glass has been widely used in buildings to make windows, doors, and even walls. Compared to the Stone age, glass uses have developed and increased by now and this has made glass one of the most important products in the world.

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